4 Tips For Producing Videos on a Budget

Many forms of content go hand in hand when coming up with an internet marketing strategy. One type of content that has proven to be effective in terms of engagement and getting viral is video.

Though it is recommended that each brand create videos for their company and products, many still opt out because of their limited budget. So if you have great content but not that much money to produce a video, here are 4 tips to help you out.

1) Don’t buy – Rent

Probably the most expensive aspect of producing a video is the equipment needed. If you don’t have the necessary tools, don’t buy them. Rent some out at reasonable prices or better yet borrow from friends and family who have them on hand.

The important equipment to get is lighting and microphones to enhance the quality of your film especially if your camera isn’t of the best quality. Use a reflector so you won’t need so much lighting equipment as well.

2) Lessen your crew

Keep the number limited by hiring people who can cover a lot of tasks. Use amateur actors or students who are willing to work for a minimal amount – they charge little to gain experience and build up their resumes.

3) Free software

Use proper software that is readily available on your computer like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. These tools are specifically made to be user-friendly and have all the essential applications to get your video looking good!

You can also find free music online and YouTube tutorials to help you bring it all together.

4) Free location

Another thing you can check off your expenses is your location. Keep in mind that not all public areas are totally free so you might have to get a permit for some places. But not to worry, those are relatively cheap depending on who’s running the place. Always look up policies of the places you try out and speak to the managers so you steer clear of trouble.

That’s it! Good luck in preparing your video!


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