4 Steps to Style-Up Your Content Marketing Methodology

Is #contentmarketing really that important? Why does everyone keep saying content is king? Is it just another fancy little add-on in the world of digital marketing? How can one be a pro at doing content marketing? What should we do in order to rule the marketing industry?

These are some of the questions a lot of us ask ourselves quite often when we are working on our marketing strategy. If you have been asking yourself the above questions, then by now you must have realized that creating content that is correctly marketed is very important in order to be the king of the marketing world. However, the question still remains, how? If we are able to create a content that can win our customers over, a piece of advice, or a thought that will relate to them, how should one market it? Confused?

Don’t be, we have got your back!

Let’s understand the basics of content marketing.

Content marketing is strong content targeted towards your audience in the right way. In this article, we will go through some simple steps that will help you transform your existing marketing strategy. If you want #contentmarketing to work for you then all you need to do is keep this simple equation in mind and that is great content + great outreach which will, in turn, give you great content marketing. All you need to know is that content on its own is not enough. You will have to work hard on great outreach so that your content is reaching to your target market.

There is a predictable, step-by-step method for creating and promoting your content, and there are several types of content that are sure to work at  getting you more backlinks to your website and social shares. Once you know how to do it, you’ll become the authority figure in your industry.

Increasingly, content marketing is the point where SEO, blogging, and social media meet. It’s the most important component that keeps everything together. The companies that recognize this and leverage this opportunity will earn the rewards.

Here are 4 simple steps to transform your marketing strategy:

Step 1 — Find great influencers and identify great content.

Influencers are the non-competing individuals, bloggers or businesses that have audiences similar to your target market. Your influencers will help you promote your content. There are a number of tools that can help you identify influencers and websites which list the most popular blogs.

Your initial research should be focused on two areas — investigating influencers and recognizing popular content.

Find people who have an impact on their readers and can target your market. Market your product through their blogs and other social platforms. This will help you gather your potential customers in no time.

Next thing is to create content that is going to resonate with your audience. Investigate on what works for your audience, something that they would like to hear, a piece of advice or any helpful idea or tip. The idea here is to let them listen to what they want to and then make them listen to what you want them to.

Step 2 — Use proven content structures.

Now that you have an idea of what works for your audience and influencers who can help you push your content forward, it’s time to create your own impactful piece that will boost your business. You should use one of these several types of established content to get results.

Ultimate guides are lengthy, somewhere around 2000 to 3000 words but are worth the effort. This has a proven record to work for anyone out there.

Expert’s opinion go a long way. Let your influencers write a piece for you and ask them to promote it. Since it is going to be their first-hand experience, this will help you gather attention in no time.

Guest posts are no longer spammy comments on blogs and websites. These can be a great way to reach your audience once you have a proper relationship with your influencer. With proper backlinks, this can be a sweet deal to get hits on your website and social channels.

Buyers’ guides can be very helpful for your audience. Keeping in mind the busy life that we have, they will surely appreciate a well-written guide with proper and important facts in order to make their purchasing decision easier.

Step 3 – Creating visuals.

Once your content is created, it’s time to make it visually appealing. Graphics and videos get more social shares and likes compared to plain old text. Your content should be eye catching and visually attractive. That can be done via graphic incorporated with text or by creating a video.

If you want your effort to pay off then you need to cater to the needs of an audience of all kinds. Some people like to read, some like to watch videos and some are into sharing images. Your content should be a mix of all with variety from time to time. That way you will get more value for your money.

Here are some recognized types of visual content you can use:

Slides – This is the quick and easy method to display your content. You can compile various graphics with text overlay or mix up content with graphics to give a little variety to your audience. There are numerous mobile apps to do it on the go using images from your camera roll. These apps have editing features to let you add text to your images. How cool is that?

Infographics – if done correctly, an infographic can make a convincing piece of content. Try to stick to one important topic, supported by 10-12 facts or statistics. Try not to clutter it in order for it to be presentable.

Video – Creating videos with proper backgrounds, light soothing background sound, and video effects can really make an impact on your audience. You can always share informative content in order for them to want to share it with their friends and family.

Step 4 – Marketing your content.

Now that you have created content that is visually appealing and has popular features from potential influencers, it’s time to start marketing it.

If by now you have researched who your targeted influencers are that cater to the market based on the niche of your business, you now need to discuss your marketing needs with them. You can follow them on their social media, interact with their audience and like, follow, and share some of their content which you think is related to your business. This is known as cross marketing.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it. You need to promote them while they promote your content. It’s as simple as that! Influencers know what their audience will like, and whether your content can relate to them. Discuss some ideas that they might have in their mind and put forward your proposal and then go about it.

Outreach is not a one-time thing, so you should have a proper plan in mind in order to work long term with them. Great content never goes out of style. Keep investigating best opportunities to feature your content. Keep your social media up to date and don’t forget to follow popular people with great networking that can help push your content where it should be.

Keep in touch with influencers who are willing to publish your content on their website and social media. Send them an email every time you have a promotion or even on a regular basis and try to establish a mutual understanding with them. That way they can keep sharing your content with proper backlinks and the more they share and like it the more it will reach your targeted audience.


#Contentmarketing works better if you have a proper procedure, which means recognizing potential influencers who have active accounts, an engaged audience, and a verified position in the market. Influencers have a proven track record of using powerful content such as guest posts, ultimate guides, and round-ups.

When creating content, keep in mind that outreach is important because your influencers will play a vital role in marketing your content. Your content should be visually appealing and should use important keywords related to your business.

To Your Best Online!

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