3 Types of Call-To-Action Designs and Their Examples

To be successful at internet marketing, one way of assessing your strategy to look back at all the times you were the client. Think of all the times you were convinced by a website and actually signed up for something. Each one of those times was a result of an effective call-to-action – a very relevant factor to complete any internet marketing strategy.

A call-to-action serves as a guide for your visitors and smoothen their purchasing experience. To inspire you to create your own eye-catching call-to-action, here are 6 examples that have proven to be effective. These have been categorized into simple and effective design, click-worthy copy, balancing multiple CTAs on one page:

  1. Simple and Effective Design
  • Dropbox: Dropbox likes to make use of a lot of negative space with graphics that are light to take in. Because of this, their blue “Sign up for free” call-to-action stands out and grabs attention quickly.
  • Full Bundle: Full Bundle also uses negative space to get their call-to-action pop out. Their white CTA draws attention against the dark grey background of the website. It’s also important to note that their CTA is not for their readers to sign up or avail of anything, but just to take a look at their portfolio – a good internet marketing strategy to convince readers to trust your brand first before having them commit to anything.
  1. Click-worthy Copy
  • QuickSprout: QuickSprout’s call-to-action is effective because it makes their reader think by asking a question and then providing a solution. Their call-to-action pops out in the middle of the post instead of waiting for the reader to finish – just in case they opt to stop reading midway – which is a great internet marketing tactic.
  • APPSTEMPLATES.com: Their call-to-action is unique in the sense that their copy showcases the real value with the sale offer right beside it. This helps the readers understand the value of clicking on the button and saving money. Also, the copy “join the club now” makes the reader feel like they would be missing out on something if they didn’t opt-in.
  1. Balancing Multiple CTAs
  • Spotify: Spotify has two main CTAs for their website visitors directed at those who are either willing to pay for a premium account or those who opt to stick with the free one. Their headline and copy obviously are trying to convince the visitor to opt for the premium option but giving the reader a choice is their internet marketing strategy to garner in customers either way.
  • MakeMyPersona: You’ll notice that the size, color, and design of the two options are different – and you can tell which one the guys behind MakeMyPersona wants their readers to choose. By making one CTA more attractive than the other, you’re helping the visitors subconsciously choose the option you want them to. Another tip we can get from this is their “No, I’m OK for now, thanks” option doesn’t try to guilt-trip users, making their brand less offensive and more lovable.

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