3 Simple Tips for Creating Content That Converts

Content is a crucial part of any online marketing plan. It doesn’t matter where content is published – a landing page, your blog or on social media – you still need to turn those clicks into conversions. It can be more challenging than it seems, but we have some simple tips to overcome these challenges and make sure the content used for your online marketing plan has a high conversion rate.

Optimize Your Headlines

One of the most important aspects of any content used in your online marketing plan is the headline. People are going to notice of the headline first and foremost. It will be the headline attracting your audience and compelling them to click through to read your content. Studies show that, statistically, only 2 out of 10 readers will read your content, while the rest will only read the headline.  If you want to improve on these figures, headlines must be compelling, attention grabbing and intriguing. Only then will readers click through to the rest of your content.

OkDork carried out a study of approximately one million headlines and determined the most compelling headlines had the following factors:

  • Include a Number – Some of the most shared headlines are those that contain numbers. Lists are usually very attractive.
  • Focus on the Reader – Headlines should always concentrate on the reader and what your content can offer them. Try using the words ‘You’ and ‘Your’ to engage the readers.
  • Free or Giveaway Will Perform Well – Some of the most popular terms that emerged in the study were ‘free’ and ‘giveaway.’ These are perfect for conversion.

Other effective words and phrases you might want to include are: ‘How To,’ ‘Easy,’’DIY,’ and ‘Ways.’ These words can help you focus on the value the content is bringing to the reader, thus encouraging them to read.

Focus on Your Reader

When content is used as a vehicle to sell a product, it is evident to the reader. This is not a good route to take with your online marketing plan. Yes, content is designed to sell products and services, but this should not be the primary focus. When content is too focused on sales, it turns into a pitch, and it will turn readers off. A good online marketing plan includes content that offers value to the reader. It must answer a question, offer advice or provide education on a relevant topic.

Use a Compelling Call to Action

The final tip for boosting your conversion rate is to always include a compelling call to action, or CTA, in your content. Your attention-grabbing headline has already attracted them, they read through your content – now you need a compelling CTA to direct them towards the next step. It must be action oriented and should encourage the reader to do what you want. That could be sharing your post or filling out a contact form.
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