10 Ways To Drive More Home Page Conversions

The goal of internet marketing is to generate leads and turn them into sales. There have been many tried and tested tactics on how to effectively accomplish this through the use of social media and offline marketing efforts with some being more efficient than the others.

It can be challenging to get a social media follower to click and land on your website. However, when this happens you are confident that your home page can drive conversions? If not, here are 10 ways to ensure that:

1) Use Quality Images
The visuals you choose to represent your brand are important to effectively communicate your message. Add human elements to your business by showing people using your product or service so that visitors will feel more inclined to try it out. Choose images that they can relate to and inspire action. Try to avoid cheesy stock photos.

2) Use Emotion
A good way to increase conversions is through provoking an emotional response. Identify your market’s emotional needs and provide a solution through your text and images.

3) Show Your Product
You can’t expect everyone who goes to your website to fully understand what you’re offering, no matter how big your company may be. People go to your website to see what your product looks like so be sure to provide them with all the necessary images and information needed to make a sale.

4) Value Proposition
With so many products online, you are lucky if consumers spend time looking at your website. If you can, include a great offer they can’t refuse. Get your value proposition across within eight seconds so they instantly know why you’re worth spending time on.

5) Calls To Action
Effectively guide your visitors with CTAs throughout your website. Make it as simple and short as possible for them to get from visit to action. Your CTAs don’t even have to lead to the checkout; it can be as simple as “Contact Us” or a link to get a freebie.

6) Social Proof
You need to use the power of social proof for your new visitors. Seeing proof of satisfied customers builds trust and confidence for your prospective clients.

7) Short and Simple
When you ask your visitors to fill out forms, keep the needed information as minimal as possible. If you present them with anything that looks time-consuming, they’ll opt to leave.

8) Add a video
Studies show that people who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy. Videos help communicate information faster and in a way that is easier to understand.

9) Optimize
Before you can think about converting your website visitors, they first have to find you. Optimize your home page by identifying your main keyword and supporting keywords. SEO can definitely help you get more conversion opportunities.

10) Test everything
Once everything is set, test it out and don’t be afraid to try out new strategies to see which works best for you. Experiment with images, copies, and CTAs, as well as monitor your results. Another important tip, make sure your website loads quickly so as not to drive visitors away.


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